Biodigester Helps Operators Combat Food-Waste Disposal Challenges


ST. ALBANS, U.K. — Available in Canada and manufactured by Power Knot LLC, the LFC-70 biodigester turns between 70 and 125 kg (150 to 280 lbs) of food waste per day into drain-safe “grey” water — noiselessly, safely and odor-free.

The system also allows operators to avoid storing food waste and potentially attracting vermin or exposing customers to unsavory smells, particularly during warm weather.

Made of stainless steel, the LFC-70 biodigester stands 108-cm tall and operates quietly and odor-free 24/7. Users open a lid to add food into the unit’s internal U-shaped vessel, which is equipped with a horizontally oriented agitator that rotates slowly. Porous plastic Powerchips that remain in the vessel at all times contain and distribute Powerzyme self-replenishing microbes and enzymes, which accelerate the decomposition process, together with automatic infusions of hot and cold water and oxygen.

The biodigester decomposes food aerobically (with oxygen), producing only water, CO2 and heat to 42ºC (108ºF), further speeding decomposition. The CO2 generated is part of the natural cycle of carbon generation from plants, making the process carbon neutral. Food waste, which can be added to the continuous process at any time, is fully digested within 24 hours and gravity-discharged into the drain as harmless grey water.

Using the unit’s touch screen, operators can access information on drum temperature, door openings, water volume, water temperature, CO2 emissions avoided, service reminders and weight of the food waste digested by hour, day, week, month and year. The data is available on any smart device, laptop, or computer via the cloud.   

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