Burst Bubble


HALIFAX — Bubbles is in trouble. According to the CBC, Bubbles Mansion, the Halifax pub co-owned by famed Trailer Park Boy, Michael Smith (who plays the bumbling Bubbles on the show) served its last drink on Wednesday night.   

According to the report, the pub could no longer compete after provincial regulations banned Halifax bars from selling drinks at one dollar per serving, which, management says had a drastic effect on the bar’s student clientele.

Bar manager Brad Hartlin also told the CBC that he also blames another jump in the minimum wage — set to take effect on April 1 — for the decision to shutter the operation.

And it doesn’t end there, in a case of life imitating art, the CBC reports that the pub’s ownership group will soon have to appear before Nova Scotia’s Utility and Review Board to answer for liquor control violations at its other bar, The Toothy Moose.

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