N.Y.-Style Bagels in T.O.


TORONTO — Any argument about where to purchase the best bagel in any given location has the potential to get pretty contentious. In many cities across Europe and North America, the competition is heated, but when you start to compare the quality of bagels in one city versus another, it reaches a higher level still.

Torontonians know well that Montreal bagels are a completely different breed than what they usually get in town — unless they’re visiting a bakery that specifically deals in Montreal bagels. But the citizens of Hogtown can now see what an authentic New York-style bagel tastes like, too, with the arrival of the original bagel shop Bruegger’s.

These kettle-boiled bagels are baked fresh on a stone hearth and served hot at co-branded mmmuffins locations in Toronto’s Union Station, Exchange Tower and Hillcrest Mall. Bruegger’s bagels are made with five basic ingredients — wheat flour, salt, malt, yeast and water; they are trans-fat free with fewer than 350 calories.

“We pride ourselves on making the most authentic New York-style bagels anywhere, and we are pleased to share the centuries-old, time-tested tradition with Canadians,” said Jim Greco, the CEO of Bruegger’s Enterprises Inc. (B.E.I). An affiliate of Sun Capital Partners, Inc., B.E.I. is a leader in the fast casual restaurant segment with 292 franchise and corporate-owned locations throughout the U.S.

In honour of the launch, Bruegger’s surveyed 654 morning commuters about their breakfast bagel eating habits. Fifty-six percent of respondents said they can’st find a good bagel in this city. Somewhere in Montreal, a bagel-maker is nodding his head.


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