Chef Michael Smith: No Twitter Twit


MONTREAL – Foodies in Montreal were all a tizzy, or rather all a twitter, this week when it appeared as though celebrity chef Michael Smith was defaming the city’s culinary and hospitality credentials on his Twitter page.  As it turns out, the popular television chef was just as surprised — and angry — as the slighted Montrealers.

Smith, who does not use the popular social networking site, appears to be the victim of a new kind of identity theft, as a twitter impostor is responsible for the disparaging remarks.

According to Smith’s representatives, a lawyer has been consulted, and not only is the chef trying to get his falsified page removed from that site, but he’s also calling on Twitter to notify followers of the feed to tell them they have been deceived. “Frankly I’m overwhelmed. I’m very, very angry,” he says. “I can’t believe that anyone would say such horrible things about Montreal. Worse yet they’ve been writing about my family, they’ve deceived my fans and stolen what I’ve worked so hard to build. I don’t fault Twitter, but I do expect them to help make this right,” he adds.

Chef Michael Smith is one of the Food Network’s biggest stars, now appearing in the sixth season of Chef at Home and second season of Chef Abroad. His fourth cookbook The Best of Chef at Home was just released.

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