Clearwater Features First Canuck MSC-Certified Lobster Fishery


BEDFORD, N.S. — Clearwater Seafoods has announced Eastern Canadian Offshore Lobster as the newest addition to its line of Marine Stewardship Council-certified (MSC) offerings that already include Canadian Sea scallops, Argentine Scallops and Canadian Coldwater Shrimp.

This means that the Eastern Canadian Offshore lobster meets the stringent environmental standards set by the MSC — meaning the meat is being harvested in a sustainable, well-managed fishery.

“I am delighted the Eastern Canadian offshore lobster fishery has met the MSC standard and congratulate the fishers, management agency and Clearwater Seafoods on this successful certification,” said MSC CEO Rupert Howes. “This lobster fishery becomes the eighth certified Canadian fishery and the 82nd in the world.”

The news reflects the evolving culinary landscape. “Even as the global economy struggles to recover there is evidence chefs and consumers are becoming increasingly eco-conscious,” said Clearwater CEO Ian Smith. “The Clearwater logo on our lobster has always stood for consistent full-meated lobster. The MSC certification is added assurance that our customers are making the best possible choice.”

Clearwater, which now owns the fishery’s offshore licenses, has more plans in the works as well. “We’sre working with the inshore fishery to help it achieve MSC certification,” adds Smith. “Our offshore catch is limited and the inshore fishery is a key component of our global lobster sales. In order for us to carry the MSC sustainability message on all our lobster offerings, the inshore fishery needs to become fully certified.”

Photo courtesy of Clearwater Seafoods

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