Druxy’s New Deal


TORONTO — Customers are in charge at the Toronto-based chain Druxy’s Famous Deli Sandwiches with the new ‘Fresh Deli Revolution’ concept that will allow them the chance to choose from 50 sandwich and salad toppings for free.  

“We want to give our customers the power of choice with the addition of dozens of fresh ingredients and the ability to design your own sandwiches and salads,” said Peter Druxerman, vice-president of Marketing for Druxy’s, of the concept that has already been rolled out at 25 of its 48 locations. “The focus is on serving fresh food fast and ensuring that every Druxy’s visitor gets exactly what they’re looking for.”

The feedback about the change, which will eventually include the whole brand, has been favourable. “Customers are telling us, ‘It’s like being a kid in a candy store. There are so many fresh choices and the value is amazing! You can eat something different every day at Druxy’s.’ You’ll have to come see for yourself, but we really do have all the toppings you can handle,” said Druxerman.

This comes as Druxy’s menu has been revitalized with things like a twist on the classic grilled cheese.


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