Rational Kitchen Stimulus Plan


MISSISSAUGA, Ont — Following in the footsteps of the wildly popular cash-for-clunkers and recycle-your-ride programs in both Canada and the United States, Rational is stepping in with a program of their own, designed to convince chefs and restaurant owners to upgrade their  kitchen equipment.

“In this challenging economy many operators are continuing to use outdated, inefficient or space-hogging equipment to avoid the costs of an upgrade and they’sre being forced to forego the kind of investment that can help their business grow and thrive,” said Vinod Jotwani, director of marketing, Rational U.S.A. and Canada. “We started the Cash-for-Trash program to make the advanced SelfCooking Center technology more accessible for operations that want to grow or are in need of an equipment makeover.”

It’s dubbed Cash for Trash, but the program is different than in the automotive business in that the company does not take possession of old equipment; it’s similar in that Rational is offering customers rebates of up to $1,000 towards the purchase of their SelfCooking Center, if it is replacing an existing older combi steamer or heavy conventional cooking equipment.

For the full details on the offer, click here.

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