E34. Eradicating Racism – Part 2


While the foodservice and hospitality industry is home to a diverse workforce, barriers to equality continue to exist in restaurants and hotels alike. On August 11, 2020 KML in partnership with Easton’s Group of Hotels, assembled a group of industry leaders to discuss what the industry needs to do in order to dismantle those barriers to ensure discrimination is eradicated, true equality is achieved and that everyone is treated with the respect they deserve.

Last week, five months after that webinar, we once again assembled a panel of leaders culled from that first roundtable to determine what kind of progress has been made on this front, to examine the initiatives being introduced by various leading hospitality companies to ensure a discrimination-free environment and to introduce goals and directives for the industry so that it can become home to a diverse and inclusive workforce that is welcoming and hospitable to all.

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