Indian Restaurant Attracts Younger Demographic by Modernizing


When the owner’s of Tasty Indian Bistro were looking around their restaurant in North Delta, something was amiss. Where were all the twenty-somethings? They didn’t have to go too far to find the answer: modern lounge restaurants.

Traditional family-owned Indian restaurants like Tasty were missing out on an entire demographic who were seeking more than just great food for their dining experience. It was this realization that led the owner to hire interior design consultants SSDG Interiors Inc. with the vision of modernizing the family-owned restaurant in its new location.

The mission was to create a restaurant that, while respecting tradition and the cultural roots of the owner, was dynamic and current. A culturally inspired fusion of eastern details woven with modern western elements created the perfect balance of East and West. From pops of colour in the display boxes showcasing hand-carved elephants at the restaurant’s feature wall to the large-scale mendhi tattoo inspired custom marble floor pattern, cultural details are added – with a twist. Sensual and exotic eyes lure your attention through the bar into the intimate private function room.

The results are incredible. Since opening last August sales at Tasty Indian Bistro have doubled and the owner is thrilled with the results. It’s not uncommon for eager-diners to be lined-up out the door. In seeking to bring back the young demographic to his family restaurant by modernizing, the owner has seen new customers from all ages and ethnicities increase across the board.

“As soon as customers walk in through the door they say they can’t believe their eyes. It gives them the feeling like they are in Vegas. We used to be busy on weekends but now even weeknights we get lineups. Thanks to SSDG for creating such an environment.” – Inder Saini, Owner.

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