Gibson’s Fish and Chips Turns 50


SASKATOON — In 1964 Gibson’s Fish and Chips opened on 8th Street East in Saskatoon as the only restaurant on the block. This past weekend, its owners celebrated 50 years in business, reports News Talk 650.

Three generations of the Gibson family now helm the restaurant, which has served the community for half a century. “We have people whose parents came in, who brought their children, and they’ll bring their grandchildren,” Jonathan Gibson, owner, told the radio station. “Last week we had a woman in here celebrating her 99th birthday.”

“We feel pretty lucky that we’ve been able to make a living out of selling fish and chips,” Gibson added. Its longtime specialty, hand-breaded fish and fresh-cut potatoes, is based on a recipe that was passed on from Gibson’s uncle and father. The restaurant also offers a selection of shrimp and chips, scallop and chips, burgers and salads. []


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