Historic Vancouver Diner to Close


VANCOUVER — It’s the end of an era for Vancouverites with the closing of Bert’s, an iconic diner-style restaurant that opened in 1948 on the city’s Main Street.

Famous for its all-day breakfast, the 106-seat diner features a classic dining counter and booths. Today, it sits among the trendy stores and coffee bars of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood.

Owner Gerry De Kova says the decision to close was fuelled by the implementation of the B.C. harmonized sales tax, increased property taxes, rising food prices and new competition. “If it was just one or two of these factors, we’sd be able to weather it, but it’s just a whole bunch of things all at once, which hurt our business,” De Kova told The Globe and Mail.

The 65-year-old eatery is closing Saturday, Jan. 7.

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