Hold the Salt


NORTHFIELD, Ill. — While liberally seasoning proteins and other foods in professional kitchens might be a standard trick of the trade, many consumer products are being changed in reaction to the unsavoury backlash from those worried about the health risks associated with ingesting too much salt.

In that vein, Kraft Foods Inc. recently announced plans to reduce sodium by an average of 10 per cent across its North American portfolio over the next two years. This amounts to the elimination of more than 10 million pounds of salt from some of it’s most popular products.

“We are reducing sodium because it’s good for consumers, and, if done properly, it’s good for business,” said Rhonda Jordan, president, Health and Wellness, Kraft Foods. “A growing number of consumers are concerned about their sodium intake, and we want to help them translate their intentions into actions.”

Kraft is calling for sodium to be lowered in a number of its products by up to 20 per cent by the end of 2012. For example, Oscar Mayer Bologna is slated for a sodium reduction of 17 per cent while some flavors of Easy Mac Cups are expected to undergo a 20 per cent reduction.

While this news was only announced recently, Kraft has been working to reduce sodium behind closed doors for several years, and has already reduced sodium in many products by between five and 30 per cent.

“We are aggressively working toward our goal of a 10 per cent reduction across the Kraft Foods portfolio, which will impact more than 1,000 SKUs, and we’re pushing for greater reductions in the long-term,” said Jordan. “We’re constantly looking for and investing in new technologies to help us get there.”


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