Holland Apple Gets Canadian Citizenship


TORONTO — A new produce star has hit grocery stores with a public relations team and Twitter account in tow.

The new Red Prince apple, grown by Irma Botden of Global Fruit, is a cross between Golden Delicious and Jonathan apples. It’s described as a pure red apple with sweet and tart properties that can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. “If you have a good product, you want to bring it out and celebrate it,” Botden told the Toronto Star.  “I think this apple stands out.”

Botden and her husband first grew the apple in their native Holland, where it was discovered in 1994. Now the apple belongs to Ontario, where it’s been nurtured by Botden for more than eight years.  

Global Fruit aims to reduce Canada’s dependence on imported apples. “It’s really, in our opinion, outdated,” Botden told the newspaper. “And it’s time to rejuvenate the apple industry.”

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