Horse Meat Target for Criticism


OTTAWA — Ontario stores and restaurants selling horse meat have become the target of a letter-writing campaign and an NDP MP’s bill that seeks to ban the import and export of horse meat, according to The Star Phoenix.

Supporters of the Canadian Horse Defense Coalition have initiated a letter-writing campaign that has targeted four restaurants and two meat stores in the Toronto area as well as a business selling game meat outside the city that supplies major restaurants.

The group focused on Batifole restaurant, Cavallino Carne Equina & Groceries, The Black Hoof restaurant, Whitehouse Meats, La Ferme Black River Game farm, Union restaurant and Parts & Labour restaurant for serving or selling horse meat.

Bill C-322, the private-member’s bill introduced by MP Alex Atamanenko, says “horses are ordinarily kept as pets for sporting and recreational purposes” and horse-meat products “are likely to contain prohibited substances.”

The group plans to launch a similar campaign in Quebec.

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