Humber College Students Battle It Out in Food-truck Cook-off


TORONTO — Culinary students at Humber College recently competed in front of a live audience in a cook-off to create the best food-truck inspired dishes.

The event, part of Humber College’s ongoing partnership with Nestlé Professional, required participating students to include at least one Nestlé Professional Minor’s Base or Minor’s Flavour Concentrate as well as the company’s newest product — Maggi Thai Red Curry.

The three winning students showed that food-truck dishes can have unexpectedly complex flavour profiles. First-place winner Kris Wray demonstrated this best with his entry of Chinese steam buns with Red Thai Curry-marinated chicken thighs.

“It’s great seeing young chefs’ minds at work to create such flavourful and creative food-truck dishes,” says guest judge, Cory Vitiello, owner of Flock Rotisserie and Green and former owner of Toronto’s Harbord Room.

Culinary winners:

  • First place ($1,000-prize) — Kris Wray’s Chinese steam buns with Red Thai Curry-marinated chicken thighs
  • Second place ($750-prize) — Sarah Elkington’s popcorn chicken
  • Third place ($500-prize) — Kathryn Kramer’s Thai-glazed beignet, filled with ancho custard

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