Is There A Gravy Train Coming To Toronto?


TORONTO — The Gravy Train, a restaurant concept by James Applegath and Craig Brissenden, may come to Toronto in spring 2013.

According to the founders, the name is loosely inspired by local issues.

“All this ‘sgravy talk’s has made Toronto edgy, and it’s not because of politics. We’sve all been subconsciously craving gravy,” said James Applegath, co-founder of The Gravy Train project, along with partner Craig Brissenden.

The small restaurant catering company will feature an array of gourmet gravy, dips, sauces and spreads, including signature gravy as well as bacon, beer and maple dips, hummus, edamame and tzatziki spreads. Mains, coined “dippables,” will include wings, potatoes, nuggets and baked jalapeño poppers.

The project is being crowd-funded on Indiegogo and supporters will reportedly be rewarded with food when the restaurant opens.

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