Lagoon Seafood Completes $10 Expansion of its Production Facility in Granby, Que.

Photos of Lagoon Production Facility in Granby, Que

LACHINE, Que. —Lagoon Seafood has completed construction of its production facility in Granby, Que. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategic expansion initiative.

The new production and packaging facility mainly supplies Blue Tide branded and private-label products. It has also significantly increased Lagoon Seafood’s storage capacity and centralized its logistics and storage process. The facility houses a freezer capable of accommodating more than 2,500 pallets of frozen products, includes new production rooms to support the company’s product innovation ventures and accommodates a new spiral freezer, a high-efficiency piece of equipment that shortens the time required to freeze products, maximizing freshness and providing outstanding taste.

With its expanded facility, Lagoon has already increased its employees in the production department by 100 per cent by creating various employment opportunities in the Granby, Que. and Montreal area for multiple roles, such as inventory management and control, electrical, mechanical and maintenance, with growth opportunities in all departments.

“The completion of this project propels us forward in ways we could only dream of a few years ago,” says Michael Cheaib, business resource manager at Lagoon Seafood. “Our expanded Granby facility is at the core of our company’s expansion into Ontario, Western Canada, and the United States to meet our new levels of customer demand. The renovated and expanded facility will support our commitment to bring new product lines across our market to respond to our customers’ needs most effectively.”  

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