Le Poké Bar brings a taste of Hawaii to Montreal


MONTREAL — Quebec’s first exclusively poke restaurant has opened in Montreal.

Le Poké Bar focuses on quality and daily freshness of ingredients. Clients can choose from signature dishes, such as the Mahalo bowl made with tuna, or the Shaka Bowl, for shrimp lovers. Every dish can be modified to satisfy different tastes, or bowls can be built for the ultimate customized experience.

“I fell in love with the dish when I was travelling in Hawaii and although it’s a favoured dish in many parts of the world, we are the first restaurant in Quebec to serve it exclusively,” says Allen Mouradian, owner of Le Poké Bar. “The quality ingredients, taste and concept of this dish could very well make it the next sushi, popularized over time.”

Poke, a dish popularized in Hawaii, is traditionally a raw-fish salad cut into small chunks and marinated, however it can also be made with shrimp, chicken or tofu.

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