Manitoba’s Jackson Springs Now Available Around the World


WINNIPEG — Jackson Springs, Berkley Springs International Water Tasting Competition’s 2012 winner of the best tasting water in the world, will start shipping its product globally.

Jackson Springs Water is a premium natural spring water sourced from the remnants of the last ice age more than 13,000 years ago and filtered to a rich mineral profile with an alkaline pH of 8.1.

Recognized by Berkley Springs International Water Tasting Competition for its unique shatterproof construction, the Jackson Springs bottle has been exclusively designed for fine-dining restaurants, five-star hotels and upscale spas and pools. Already, the company has received orders from North America, Germany, Korea and China.

“Our water is truly second to none and I would challenge anyone, anywhere in the world, to find another water that tastes and satisfies your thirst better than Jackson Springs,” says Christopher Garrick, president of Jackson Springs Water Corporation. “In a market flooded with processed and engineered bottled-water options, we believe Jackson Springs satisfies the demand of consumers looking for a great tasting natural spring water with an ideal mineral profile.”


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