McDonald’s Canada Enters Education Partnership with University of the Fraser Valley


ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and McDonald’s Canada have partnered to create new pathways for all levels of McDonald’s restaurant managers to pursue university credentials.

Prospective students who have completed management-training courses at McDonald’s and meet UFV’s admission requirements, can receive credit toward one of four options at UFV: a Bachelor of Integrated Studiesdegree, a  Hospitality and Event Planning certificate, a Management Skills certificateor a General Studies diploma. 

“McDonald’s management-training provides relevant knowledge and experience that aligns with the learning outcomes with these four UFV credentials. UFV is excited to partner with McDonald’s Canada in offering a variety of pathways to students’ goals,” says Liana Thompson, director, Continuing Education at UFV. “These programs are incredibly flexible and attractive to students because they integrate career experience, professional training and academic study.”

The agreement will allow McDonald’s restaurant managers who work at either corporately owned or franchised restaurants with approved course credits to achieve their chosen credentials while still working. The partnership program is designed to help these students integrate their work and academic pursuits seamlessly and reduce the time and resources required to attain their education.

The advanced placement is available to any McDonald’s restaurant manager across Canada through online and open learning capabilities. Further information is available at

“McDonald’s has maintained its reputation as a great place to work and to kick-start your career,” says Stephanie Hardman, Chief People Officer, McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited. “This partnership with UFV enables us to continue our efforts to prioritize the academic and professional growth of our staff and provides a meaningful head start towards an invaluable degree.”

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