Métis Youth Prepare for Foodservice Careers


EDMONTON — The Camp Cook pilot program recently concluded, leaving 10 Alberta-based Métis youth prepared for possible careers in the foodservice industry.

The program is designed to provide hands-on culinary training to a group of Métis youth, aged 18 to 30. The initiative, which is backed by the Alberta government, The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT), the Rupertsland Institute’s Métis Training to Employment Program and The PTI Group, gives students the education needed to begin work in the foodservice industry. Interested graduates will also be offered the opportunity to pursue full-time careers with PTI, a company that provides catering services to industry customers in remote locations.

“Becoming a chef is an awesome opportunity, but you never really think of it as an actual possibility. This program has opened doors that I never thought imaginable. I have really enjoyed the program and am excited to put the cooking skills I have learned to work at PTI,” said Erica Thompson, a student in the program.


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