Montréal Bakery Ô Petit Paris Wins Baguette Competition

Ô Petit Paris Baguettes in bag

MONTREAL — Ô Petit Paris has won gold for its golden-brown baguette and a “special bread” award for its sausage and red wine-flavoured loaf in the annual French residents’ baguette competition.

Ten local bakeries across the city competed in a blind taste test organized by two organizations catering to French residents, Maudits Français and Union Française de Montréal. A jury of bakers, pastry chefs and cooks assessed each competing bakery’s loaf’s flavour, outer crispness, and inside fluffiness.

Second place went to Le Toledo boulangerie in Mount Royal, while the bistro, De Froment et de Sève in Beaubien, placed third.

The audience award went to Le Toledo, which had won first in the competition several times for its artisanal goods.

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