NB Liquor Report Recommends More Private Involvement


FREDERICTON — NB Liquor should consider more private influence, according to recommendations from a recent report issued by Daniel Allain, the president and CEO of NB Liquor.

“It is not our focus or our intent to privatize NB Liquor at this time,” Allain said.

“However, more private-sector involvement in the asset is required. To make NB Liquor the most efficient and profitable asset in the province, we have to change the way we do business. A transition to a more entrepreneurial form of governance is necessary and will benefit NB Liquor’s valuation for future opportunities.”

This comes after significant losses in revenue to the Crown corporation. There are numerous recommendations, among them are the following: the expansion and restructuring of the retail network, a review of the governance structure and the possibility of more regional cooperation with other liquor boards. It also advises the examination of monetization while maintaining the provincial government’s ownership of NB Liquor.

The Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association (CRFA) is applauding the NB Liquor report. “It has been shown in a number of jurisdictions that more private-sector involvement will protect government liquor revenues and regulatory control, while leading to increased efficiencies, better product selection and service and lower prices for both licensees and consumers,” said Luc Erjavec, vice-president of Atlantic Canada for the CRFA.

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