New Gluten-Free Brewery Opens


TORONTO — A new brewery touting gluten-free beer opened in the GTA, reports BlogTo.

Heady Brew Company’s owner Robert Cundari, and current operations manager for PaneRiso, a gluten-free bakery, has spent the last five years developing products for people with Celiac disease.

His company will offer locally crafted gluten-free beer, joining Toronto’s Snowman Brewing in the gluten-free beer market.

Cundari is marketing the brewery’s first and only beer, Heady’s Honey Citrus, to the GTA. “It’s a beer for people that have been drinking wine, cider, or liquor rather than beer. I think my Honey Citrus is a good intermediate step to enjoying beer once again,” he told BlogTo.

Six other gluten-free beers are currently in development.

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