Off-Premises Trends You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Elevating your off-premises business strategy can increase customer satisfaction — and sales.

The foodservice industry landscape looks different than it did at the start of 2020. After experiencing the convenience of takeout and delivery over the past few years, an increasing number of consumers are opting to order in instead of dining out, making off-premises strategies a key pillar of restaurant success.

Whether you’re looking to strengthen your off-premises strategy or build one from scratch, the following trends in consumer behavior yield insights that can help your business elevate the off-premises dining experience to satisfy customers, increase sales and fortify your reputation.

1. Consumers Want Multiple Ordering Options

Consumers are still reaching for their phones to place off-premises orders. However, they aren’t always dialing a number to do so. According to DoorDash, 51% of Canadians order food via third-party apps two to four times per month, and the use of these platforms is particularly popular among younger generations.

In addition to providing a secondary avenue for off-premises business, third-party apps can introduce new restaurants to prospective customers. This is noteworthy because 81% of people who use food delivery services  say they are likely to try restaurants they have not previously visited.

The primary caveat is that third-party service fees tend to cut into profit margins, which is why many operators are choosing to expand off-premises ordering options through their website, social media or restaurant-direct delivery app. And there’s no need to cut the phone lines quite yet — older generations still prefer to call in.

In any case, offering multiple ordering options can appeal to a wider pool of consumers and increase your chances of attracting new customers who are hungry to discover their next favorite restaurant.

2. Dayparts Are Growing

With more consumers now working from home, Canadian restaurants are seeing an uptick in daypart activity. In fact, late-night and breakfast food orders increased by 68% and 53%, respectively, in 2023. Expanding daypart menus to include more options for takeout and delivery can enable operators to garner additional sales and accommodate off-premises demand throughout the day.

Furthermore, if you can deliver a quality off-premises dining experience, the chances are greater that your off-site consumers will keep coming back for more. Talk about a win-win.

3. Quality Control Remains an Issue

Even when they place takeout or delivery orders, customers still expect in-house quality. Unfortunately, many restaurants fail to meet these off-premises expectations. This is illuminated by the fact that 45% of Canadians say they have had issues with the temperature of food when it’s delivered.

Another issue is soggy food, which is a common result of steam building up in the delivery bag. One popular food item that falls victim to these conditions the most is the beloved french fry. Despite french fries being the second-most popular food item ordered by Canadian consumers, two in three operators are still using fry products that aren’t designed for takeout or delivery.

That’s why McCain Foods made the perfect off-premises solution consumers can enjoy anywhere: McCain® SureCrisp® fries. 

SureCrisp® fries are designed specifically for off-premises consumption, ensuring your customers can enjoy the crisp they crave from the comfort of their couch. The SureCrisp® product portfolio currently features six different cuts, all of which are made with a special batter that yields consistent, quality results capable of pleasing on-site and off-premises diners alike.

By enhancing the quality of delivery orders with reliable products such as SureCrisp® fries, your business can leave a positive impression on consumers — especially those who may be experiencing your menu offerings for the first time. This can not only boost your reputation, but also entice diners to place repeat orders in the future.

As the popularity of off-premises dining continues to grow, now is the time to accommodate consumer behavior with the quality products and ordering options they currently hunger for throughout the day. Taking advantage of this opportunity can improve not only notoriety and sales, but also the satisfaction of your valued customers.

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