Pizza Pizza Introduces Premium Gourmet Thins


TORONTO — Pizza Pizza has released a new lineup of 10″ thin-crust pizzas in more than 400 stores across the country. 

The Gourmet-Thins lineup will feature eight recipes, three of which are brand new, while the other five are reimaginings of older recipes. Each new Individual-sized pizza will be priced at $7.29. 

“We’re committed to offering our customers a hot and fresh product made with quality ingredients, delivered conveniently at a great price,” says Paul Goddard, CEO at Pizza Pizza. “The new Gourmet Thins are sized for one person, which makes them a perfect quick meal on the go.”

The flavours available include Creamy Truffle, Steak and Blue Cheese, Sriracha &Honey, Chicken Bruschetta, Pesto Amore, Sweet Chili Thai, Spinach Splendito and Chicken Romano.

Three new cheeses have also been introduced for a limited time as a part of the Gourmet-Thins launch — Blue Cheese, Habanero Cheddar and Provolone. 

The new product line is available for both walk-in and delivery at more than 420 traditional Pizza Pizza restaurants Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and British Columbia.

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