Pizza Sales Are Up


CHICAGO — Pizza consumption is on the rise with leading players revamping menus to include more innovative specialty pies, gourmet ingredients and other food offerings to drive traffic, according to the Pizza Consumer Trend Report by the Chicago-based firm Technomic.

“Consumers increasingly view pizza as the go-to food when they don’st feel like cooking,” said Darren Tristano, executive vice-president of Technomic. “Operators can emphasize convenience in their marketing message, positioning pizza as an easy, convenient and affordable meal solution that will appeal to an entire group or family. It’s a message that resonates with many customers.”

More than 41 per cent of consumers polled said they are eating pizza once a week, compared to 26 per cent two years ago.

The report shows 49 per cent of consumers are purchasing pizza from a grocery store once a month, making it the second leading foodservice source for pizza, surpassed only by LSR pizza restaurants (71 per cent). Foodservice pizza purchases have increased over the past two years, but carryout and dine-in pizza occasions have increased the most with 68 per cent of consumers ordering carryout pizza once a month or more, followed by 45 per cent who say they order pizza for dine-in.

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