PizzaForno Opens Second Location in Collingwood, Ont.

Instagram / thepizzaforno

TORONTO — PizzaForno, an automated pizza oven, has opened its first location in The Blue Mountains, Ont., marking its second location in Collingwood, Ont.

Owned and operated by Kristie Baran, PizzaForno holds 70, 12-inch pizzas and offers seven selections: pepperoni, barbecue chicken, honey and goat cheese, meat lovers, Hawaiian, four cheese and vegetarian. When customers place their orders through the kiosk, a robotic arm takes the selection from the refrigerated section, coveys it into a patented oven and places it in a box to deliver to the customer. Purchasing cold pizza to enjoy later is also an option for customers.

Since launching in 2018, PizzaForno has expanded across Canada with nearly 40 locations, as well as several kiosks in the U.S., with more planned throughout 2022.

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