Shipping-Container Market Opens in Toronto


TORONTO — Stackt, a new “cultural marketplace” developed from 120 new and reclaimed shipping containers, has opened in downtown Toronto.

The new community hub features a mixture of local, national, and international brands, offering Torontonians access to diverse retail offerings, as well as innovative food-and-beverage experiences.

“The vision for Stackt developed while I was living in the area and noticed the lack of an interactive public space, which encourages community connection and engagement,” says Matt Rubinoff, founder of Stackt. “With Stackt we are developing a community and cultural hub, which will provide the necessary space for Torontonians to gather, connect and discover.”

Stackt offers a unique range of lease timings from two days to 18 months, which will ensure the marketplace constantly features new offerings and experiences.

Among Stackt’s food-and-beverage offerings is a first-of-its-kind mobile brewery run by Belgian Moon. The Belgian Moon brew team will brew fresh and directly onsite, leveraging this unique opportunity to produce small batches of popular variants available in the U.S., such as Mango Wheat, and to test new, seasonal recipes with trend and community influences.

The F&B programming at Stackt will also work with chefs and vendors to create seasonal food experiences through short-term chef and food-vendor residencies.

“Our food-and-beverage program represents the best and brightest in today’s culinary world, offering a unique opportunity to both chefs and patrons to experiment with food through a series of short-term chef residency opportunities,” says Michael Sullivan, head of Food & Beverage at Stackt.

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