SIAL Innovation 2016 Unveils 10 Finalists

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MONTREAL — Canadian companies claimed six of the 10 finalist spots in SIAL Innovation 2016 — the only international contest with a presence in the four corners of the world. Made up of food industry experts and held in partnership with XTC World Innovation, the jury rewards 10 finalists and hands out one grand prize.

“It wasn’t easy,” says Xavier Terlet, president of the SIAL Innovation jury of the selection process. “All types of experts were gathered around that table. Chefs, distribution experts, nutritionists, as well as marketing and innovation specialists — all debating and defending for their favourite products, all the while exhibiting a critical spirit by casting aside false innovations.”

The SIAL Innovation finalists were selected based on criteria that included whether the product offers customers a new benefit, whether it be for sheer enjoyment, health, shape, usefulness or even civic rights and ethics. “It’s a fair bet that these 10 products will find their ways onto shelves and into restaurants,” says Terlet.

Canadian finalists included:

• Essence Glacier for its assorted chocolates with sorbet and ice cream centres
• Salmon tartare by Fumoir Grizzly
• Et Voilà! Camelina oil by Olimega
• Poutine Bites by St-Hubert
• Smoked salmon and cream cheese cake by Bleumer
• MesurACC Labelling Verification System by Étiquetage ACC Inc.

The grand-prize winner will be announced at the SIAL Canada show being held April 13 to 15 in Montreal. All of the finalists, as well as the grand-prize winner, will have the chance to visit all of the SIAL network’s shows, held in China, the Philippines, Indonesia, Paris and Abu Dhabi.


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