Smoke ‘N’ Water Nixes ‘No-tipping’ Policy


BAY, B.C. — What was purported to be Canada’s first ‘no-tipping’ restaurant has brought gratuities back to the table.

Smoke ‘N’ Water, located inside the the Pacific Shores Resort & Spa in Nanoose Bay, B.C., opened in May with a no-tipping policy. But, owner David Jones announced yesterday that tips will now be accepted. “After three months of pioneering the no-tipping concept in Canada, we have chosen to listen to the majority of our local customers, who have expressed their desire to have a say on the quality of food and service they receive,” the restaurant’s website reads.

Smoke ‘N’ Water management paid its servers an hourly wage of $20 and $24, and menu prices were adjusted to reflect the higher wages. With the new policy in swing, food and drink prices will be lowered.

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