St. Louis Bar & Grill Partners with Sports Interaction to Launch Wings and Wagers

Plate of grilled chicken wings and mug of beer
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TORONTO — St. Louis Bar & Grill, owned and operated by Aegis Brands, has partnered with Sports Interaction to launch Wings and Wagers. The partnership enables St. Louis to treat sports fans with exclusives on game nights and marks the first alignment of its kind between a Canadian restaurant chain and a leader in Canadian online betting. St. Louis guests across Ontario can now access customized betting options through the Sports Interaction app.

“Fans watching the game and wagering on sports inside St. Louis restaurants can now enjoy an enhanced experience with our new partnership with Sports Interaction,” says Royal Nasager, vice-president, Marketing, St. Louis Bar & Grill.

“We believe this is a terrific way to drive excitement and differentiate ourselves from our competitors. Standing out as the best choice to watch a game when a wager is involved will further drive top-line sales growth and profitability for our franchise network,” says Steven Pelton, president, St. Louis Bar & Grill.

“Sports Interaction is re-defining how Canadians engage with sports. We have been around for 25 years and understand the local markets unlike anyone else. We’re thrilled to partner with St. Louis Bar & Grill to bring its guests sports, teams and players that matter to them. We offer thousands of Canadian, U.S. and global leagues at all levels and types to make sure all fans are covered,” says Leon Thomas, CEO, Sports Interaction.

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