Study: Kids Choose Healthy Food With Toy Incentive


TORONTO — A study published in the Canadian Journal of Public Health shows kids can be swayed to make healthier fast-food choices when a promotional toy is involved, reports The Canadian Press.

According to CP, the study asked 300 children, aged six to 12, to choose between a typically high-fat McDonald’s Happy Meal with a hamburger or a grilled chicken wrap with fries and pop, or, either of the first two choices with apple slices and caramel dipping sauce and bottled water and a toy.

When presented with the different combinations, the study found kids were three times as likely to opt for the healthier choice with the toy.

McDonald’s said in a statement that the Happy Meal toy is an important part of the meal, and there are no plans to remove it. “Since this study was completed, our Happy Meal program has been reformulated to include an automatic offering of yogurt and the choice of apple slices or mini-sized french fries,” reads the statement.

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