Taco Bell Canada Launches New Beautiful Mess Campaign


VAUGHAN, Ont. — Taco Bell Canada has launched its new campaign, Beautiful Mess, to break the mould on what Canadians expect from a quick-service brand. The campaign was born out of desire to connect with young culture shapers who don’t hold back from life’s messy moments. This is Taco Bell’s first brand campaign in Canada.

“Taco Bell is all about being different and challenging the status quo, which is reflected in everything from our brand to our menu offering,” says Devon Lawrence, senior brand manager, Taco Bell Canada. “Through Beautiful Mess, we’re embracing our uniqueness and looking to inspire future and fellow taco lovers across the country to do the same. We’re excited to partner with Canadian creators who embody this same spirit and celebrate their authentically beautiful selves.”

“In a world full of idealized products and people, there’s something so wonderful in recognizing the messy side of it all. Taco Bell fans are just themselves in everything they do. There’s a lot of inspiration to find there and a lot of similarities in Taco Bell’s delicious offerings,” says Adam Notzl-Keyser, creative director at dentsu One, who helped develop the creative concept behind Beautiful Mess.

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