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Restaurant Buzz: MyMy Chicken

MyMy Chicken, a popular South Korean fried-chicken chain, has opened a second location in Toronto’s trendy Annex neighbourhood. MyMy Chicken’s menu consists solely of 16-piece...

Dressed-up Poutine Coming to Toronto’s Annex


TORONTO — The owners of the Montreal-based Poutineville are scheduled to open their first out-of-province location in Toronto’s Annex neighbourhood this month, as reported by The Star.

Anthony Rose Opens New Resto

TORONTO — Anthony Rose has opened Big Crow, a barbecue restaurant in the Annex. The menu, helmed by Rose & Sons chef Chris Sanderson, features...

Keepin’ It Real

Toronto-based contract-caterer feeds kids healthy, tasty meals at competitive prices It has long been the cry in the educational sector that...