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CRFA Urges Parliament to Reconsider HST

TORONTO — As Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff incites internal party debate over his support of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), while Parliament prepares to...

B.C. Bottles vs. Bottled in B.C

VANCOUVER — B.C. wine connoisseurs can now more easily identify wines made from 100 per cent B.C.-grown grapes, and those made partially or in...

Go Ahead, Get Bitter

VANCOUVER – Cocktail lovers on the West Coast have long bemoaned the lack of options when it comes to the selection of the required...

One Fish, Two Fish, 40,000 Fish

VANCOUVER – The lobby against farmed salmon in B.C. appears to have another environmental case to cite, as according to a CBC report, some...

Anti-HST Rally Staged in Vancouver

VANCOUVER – It didn’t quite generate the support that organizers were hoping, but hundreds of people showed up in downtown Vancouver on Saturday to...

A Grape Old Time

VANCOUVER – Chef Meets Grape — the largest B.C. food and wine event in Vancouver — toasted B.C.’s winemakers, winery proprietors and chefs to...