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Garland Discovered Culinary Competition

TORONTO — The Garland Discovered Culinary Competition started its first round this week, with more than $5,000 in prizes up for grabs.  This black-box competition...

Oh Canada! Canadian Chefs Share Their Favourite Regional Recipes

Panko-Crusted Pickerel Cheeks with Manitoba Golden Caviar Crème Frâiche and Orange-Fennel Salad Wild Mushroom Salad with Cauliflower, Dill and Rosehip Vinaigrette Wild Rabbit Liver Parfait Charred Napa...

Canadian Chef Educators to Meet

CHARLOTTETOWN — The Canadian Chef Educators Association is holding its annual conference from June 21 to 24 in Charlottetown. The conference, to be hosted...

Gold Medal Plates Competition Kicks Off

EDMONTON – Ladies and gentlemen — light your ovens! The first in a series of culinary competitions kicks off tonight, October 21, at the...