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Benny&Co. Unveils New Rotisserie Concept in Montreal

MONTREAL — Benny&Co. has announced the opening of its 66th rotisserie, in the downtown core of Montreal, marking the launch of its new restaurant...

Barbecue Dry Rub for Rotisserie Chicken

Ingredients:   2 cups kosher salt1 cup sweet paprika3 tbsp  onion powder3 tbsp garlic powder2 tsp rubbed dry thyme4 tsp dry rosemary1 tbsp  ground...

Restaurant Buzz: CHKN Chop

HALIFAX — For those looking for charcoal rotisserie chicken, CHKN Chop has opened in Halifax. Owners Jenna Mooers and Andrew Flood describe CHKN Chop is...

Restaurants are Taking Equipment Hints from Backyard Grillers

Barbecue — possibly humankind’s oldest method of cooking — is experiencing a re-awakening in commercial food operations. And it’s not going low-and-slow. Iconic barbecue,...