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Ontario Permanently Allowing Alcohol for Takeout and Delivery

TORONTO — The Ontario government is expanding opportunities in alcohol sales, including permanently allowing licensed restaurants and bars to include alcohol with food as...

Foodora Launches New Shops Feature

TORONTO — foodora has launched a new “shops” feature on its app and website. With the addition, customers can now toggle between restaurants and...

foodora Launches LCBO Delivery Pilot in Toronto

TORONTO —foodora has launched an on-demand-delivery pilot of LCBO products in Toronto, allowing customers to order from a curated list of LCBO bestsellers and customer...

Foodora Partners with the LCBO to Offer Alcohol-Delivery Services in Ottawa

TORONTO — Foodora is piloting same-day alcohol-delivery services in Ottawa through a partnership with the LCBO with the goal of expanding the service to other markets...

Smart Serve Expands Teaching Languages

TORONTO — Smart Serve’s online training program is now available in Mandarin and Cantonese. Last spring, the group, which provides alcohol service training, introduced...