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ROSA GRANDE® Cup + Char Pepperoni puts a new spin on a classic topping

Since the start of COVID-19, the pizza business has thrived as a growing number of consumers turned to takeout options. The rise in demand has made it increasingly important for operators to stand out from their competitors, even when it comes to tried-and-true traditional toppings such as pepperoni.

While countless fads have come and gone, pepperoni continues to be the number-1 topping choice, whether as a standalone staple, dressing up a meat-lover’s-style offering, or any combination in between.

For decades, operators have relied on the familiar lay-flat style of pepperoni to fill a steady demand. Now, Hormel’s ROSA GRANDE® Cup + Char Pepperoni is raising the pizza-topping bar. The cupping style of pepperoni actually dates back to the pre-World War II era, but has been making a comeback in recent years. It started in the Buffalo and Midwest regions in the U.S., reached iconic pizzerias in New York City and now has made its way to Canada.

“Even though pepperoni has always been a staple topping, today’s consumers still want to be surprised by unique items that will keep them coming back,” says Dan Glendinning, country manager, Canada Foodservice, Hormel Foods Canada. “A new-style pepperoni offers operators a unique opportunity to make them stand out from the crowd. We’re starting to see a lot of growth for cup-and-char across the country as a standalone or secondary pepperoni on pizzas.”

ROSA GRANDE not only looks great on a pizza, making for an Instagram-worthy subject, it also delivers a distinct flavour and crunch. The pepperoni slices (also known in foodservice circles as “the roni cup”) shrink during cooking, while the edges curl and crisp. Rather than the natural oils dispersing on the pizza, it pools inside the cup to maintain a more intense flavour.

Pizzerias everywhere have reported that the premium topping has, in fact, increased sales and attracted more repeat customers, thanks to the power of social media. “People are always looking for something new and different, and are willing to pay for that,” says Glendinning. “At the same time, they don’t want to go far away from what they’re used to. With its great flavour and clean ingredient deck, ROSA GRANDE is a great way to adorn your already incredible pies and bring customers back again and again.”

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