Try a Little Man-Caking


TORONTO — Cupcakes have always been a tried-and-true fav, but one bold baker is turning the trend on its head, encouraging ladies to head down to her new Liberty Village shop, For the Love of Cake, to pick up a special creation for the men in their lives.

Don’t be mistaken, owner Genevieve Griffin still stocks the baking sheets with all of the favourite stand-bys, but she’s also bridged cupcake’s unfortunate gender divide, with what she calls the Mancake. Essentially they’re standard-sized cupcakes, with a few XY-centric ingredients. Cupcake flavours include: Guinness Chocolate, a chocolate delight with beer and Irish whisky; Maple Bacon, a treat filled with blueberries and topped with maple frosting and bacon bits; and Black Forest, another chocolate indulgence with Kirsch brandy, sour cherries and vanilla butter cream.

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