Export Packers Adopts Mercury-Testing Program


BRAMPTON, Ont. — As the discussion about the amount of mercury found in fish continues to spark debate, Export Packers Company Limited, announced it has won the exclusive Canadian rights to supply seafood that falls under the Safe Harbor mercury-certification program.

“When it comes to screening for mercury levels in fish under current government standards, a very small percentage of fish is tested,” said Dan LeBlanc, president of Export Packers. “Without more wide-spread testing, there is little assurance that any particular fish has actually been tested and would meet current government standards. This partnership makes Export Packers the first Canadian seafood importer to be able to verify quickly and accurately that maximum mercury concentration levels, as specified by the CFIA [Canadian Food Inspection Agency] for each species, are not exceeded.”

Export Packers will be able to assure customers that the mercury levels are significantly below the food-safety standards set by the CFIA, as Safe Harbor’s technology analysis tests any fish species for low-mercury levels, applying its findings to supply “high quality, healthy seafood.”

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