UV Air Purifier Now Offered by W.D. Colledge


MISSISSAUGA, Ont. — W.D. Colledge is now offering the Bluezone by Middleby Viral Kill Unit air-purification system, currently available for pre-order.

The air-purifying system pulls air up into the ceiling and into a reaction chamber where it is scrubbed by an ultraviolet-light (UV) process. The UV technology doesn’t require filters or expensive modifications to existing HVAC systems.

Standard air purification systems can be expensive and ineffective against viruses like COVID-19, or SARS-CoV-2. According to studies, though, what is effective is a patented ultraviolet germicidal light process, which eliminates the ability for a virus to replicate itself by removing its RNA.

Implementing the right air-purification strategies can help reduce the risk of infection, in some cases drastically. This helps assure patrons, regardless of the industry, that efforts are being made to keep them safe.

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