Vancouver’s New Quarter


VANCOUVER – During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games a veritable French Quarter will be created on Granville Island, in the heart of downtown Vancouver.

From Feb. 10 to 28, Place de la Francophonie 2010 will offer a host of entertainment, — theatre, street entertainment, music, comedy et cetera — farmers’s market and tourism-themed exhibitions designed to provide visitors with an authentic Francophone Canadian cultural experience, while showcasing tourist circuits, trails and local products.

Place de la Francophonie 2010 owes its creation to the desire of the Fondation canadienne pour le dialogue des cultures (Canadian Foundation for Cross-Cultural Dialogue) and the Fédération des francophones de la Colombie-Britannique (Francophone Federation of British Columbia, FCCB) to show the world the vitality and diversity of Francophonie in Canada. The Corporation de la Place de la Francophonie 2010, established for the sole purpose of producing this grand event, is managed by Jean Coté, with the support of a board of directors comprising well-known personalities from across Canada under the chairmanship of William Fox.

“These games represent a wonderful opportunity to showcase Francophonie in Canada. It was deemed important for us to create this window highlighting Francophonie, to underscore its significant contribution to the development of the country, enabling visitors to observe the diversity of its cultural expressions as well as the creativity and excellence of its artists and share their joie de vivre,” said Fox.

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