Vollrath Company Introduces Conveyor Toasters and Ovens


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. — The Vollrath Company, LLC has launched a full line of high-quality, American-made conveyor toasters and ovens.

“This is an exciting enhancement to our cooking equipment product offering,” says Paul Egbert, managing director of Smallwares and Countertop Equipment for Vollrath. “We have the perfect toaster and oven for nearly any size operation and the tools to help you select the right model.”

Operator friendly with durable and compact design, the more than 30 new products are manufactured to UL and NSF standards. Each of the conveyor toasters and ovens have variable speed controls to achieve desired doneness and allow for real-time adjustments. The equipment includes a maintenance-free drive system featuring a stainless steel drive chain that does not require lubrication.

The products include:

• Conveyor Toasters — Forced convection and energy-efficient quartz heaters provide even and fast toasting. The complete line of conveyor toasters includes units for a wide variety of applications, including standard toast as well as buns, bagels and other specialty bread items.
• Conveyor Pizza Ovens — Precise and repeatable results are guaranteed for baking fresh dough and par-baked pizzas, flatbreads, calzones and garlic or cheese bread. These pizza ovens provide flexibility and convenience for operations that offer pizza in addition to other menu items.
• Conveyor Sandwich Ovens — The new conveyor sandwich ovens consistently toast bread while melting cheese and warming meat. These units are available for low- or high-volume applications, such as sandwich shops.
• Cheese Melters/Finishing Ovens — These products conveniently melt cheese on top of a variety of menu items, as well as put the finishing touch on entrées.
• Contact Toaster — A space-saver on a flat-top, the contact toaster quickly and consistently toasts high volumes of buns. The dual-sided platen provides toasting that helps keep buns from getting soggy, which makes it ideal for burger chains.

For more information on Vollrath’s new conveyor ovens and toasters, visit vollrath.com/toast.

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