Wendy’s New Blazin’ Baconator Arrives in Canada

Wendy’s Restaurant Canada showcasing the new Baconic Fall Lineup: Baconator, Blazin' Baconator, Breakfast Baconator

BURLINGTON, Ont. Wendy’s has introduced the new spicy Blazin’ Baconator to its fall Baconator lineup for a limited time in Canadian restaurants.

“The Blazin’ Baconator turns up the heat and brings a spicy kick to the Baconator, allowing customers to get the same, original flavours they know and crave but with added spice,” says Hayley Kianoff, manager, International Culinary Innovation, The Wendy’s Company. “The Blazin’ Baconator features a half-pound of fresh Canadian beef, melted cheddar cheese with a jalapeño kick, six strips of mouth-watering spicy caramelized Applewood smoked bacon and sweet-heat-seasoned mayo, served on a premium bun.”

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