Chefs for Change Present a Mid-winter’s Dream


TORONTO — A Mid-winter’s Feast dinner series — hosted by Chefs for Change and its sister group Restaurants for Change — is returning to Toronto for its third year. This year, 34 of Canada’s leading chefs — including Patrick Kriss (Alo), Antonio Park (Park and Lavanderia), Lora Kirk (Ruby Watchco) and Jason Bangerter (Langdon Hall) will be collaborating from January through March on five unique dinners.

Each night has a specific theme — the Jan. 9th dinner, for example, features chefs sharing stories, courses and inspiration on the theme of growing food. Profits from the dinner series will be donated to the non-profit Community Food Centres Canada in order to support low-income families across the country to grow and cook healthy food.

This year’s chefs were chosen by Chris Brown of Citizen Catering. Chef Joel Rousell from George Brown College will once again bring a team of culinary students to cook alongside the professional chefs — allowing young chefs to get hands-on experience, learn from the best and get involved in their communities in the process.

Chef Line-up

January 19:

  • Jason Bangerter (Langdon Hall)
  • Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)
  • Jonathan Goodyear (Magna Golf Club)
  • Craig Harding (Campagnolo)
  • Patrick Kriss (Alo)
  • Marc Lepine (Atelier, Ottawa)
  • Afrim Pristine (Cheese Boutique)
  • Joel Rousell (George Brown College)

January 26:

  • Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)Rob Gentile (Buca)
  • Nick Liu, (DaiLo)
  • Antonio Park (Park and Lavanderia, Montreal)
  • Doug Penfold (Chabrol)
  • Albert Ponzo (Le Select Bistro)
  • Ivana Raca (Raca Café & Bar)
  • Joel Rousell (George Brown College)
  • Anthony Walsh (Oliver & Bonacini)

February 16:

  • Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)
  • Dustin Gallagher (People’s Eatery)
  • Steve Gonzalez (Baro)
  • Kevin Castonguay (Provisions)
  • Conor Joerin (The Emerson)
  • Charlotte Langley (Scout Canning)
  • Joel Rousell (George Brown College)
  • Alex Tso (Dundas Park Kitchen)

February 23:

  • Rocco Agostino (Pizzeria Libretto)
  • Bertrand Alépée (The Tempered Room)
  • Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)
  • Ted Corrado (The Drake Hotel)
  • Connie DeSousa and John Jackson (Charcut, Calgary)
  • Carl Heinrich (Richmond Station)
  • Joel Rousell (George Brown College)
  • Scott Vivian (Beast)

March 2:

  • Chris Brown (Citizen Catering)
  • Kendall Collingridge (Hooked)
  • Lora Kirk (Ruby Watchco)
  • Giacomo Pasquini (Terroni)
  • Todd Perrin (Mallard Cottage, St. John’s)
  • Guy Rawlings (Montgomery’s)
  • Joel Rousell (George Brown College)
  • Tallis Voakes (Providore Catering)

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