Desserts Can Help Drive Off-Peak Traffic in Canada


CHICAGO — According to research by Technomic Inc., 57 per cent of Canadian consumers indulge in dessert at least once a week and across all dayparts.

“While consumers eat dessert throughout the day, their needstates differ by daypart,” explains Anne Mills, manager of Consumer Insights. “Smaller, handheld desserts such as cookies and doughnuts will appeal for daytime snacks or lunch add-ons, while indulgent varieties such as cake or pie appeal more strongly later in the day. Healthier options such as muffins, smoothies and fruit resonate for desserts eaten as meal replacements.”

Other key takeaways from the report include:
•    Only 51 per cent of consumers eat dessert at the same restaurant where they ate their meal
•    Desserts are more likely to influence younger than older diners’ restaurant choices
•    Three in 10 (31 per cent) consumers and 37 per cent of women say they’d be more likely to order dessert if a mini-portioned option was available

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