Bridor Spends $40 Million on Boucherville Plant Expansion


MONTREAL — North American bread and Viennese pastry maker Bridor is investing $40 million to double the size of its Boucherville baking facility, allowing the company to increase its production capacity by 80 per cent and stimulate employment growth in the area.

“The company has witnessed exponential growth in recent years and this investment shows just how committed we are to continuously improving our offerings,” says Jean François Duquesne, CEO of Bridor. “We are proud to combine our traditional European baking know-how with cutting-edge industrial technology. It’s our special edge that allows us to produce quality breads and Viennese pastries on a wide scale.”

Bridor has been operating in Quebec for more than 30 years, working closely with suppliers and customers to provide custom-tailored solutions. According to Louis Le Duff, Bridor’s owner and CEO of Le Duff Group, despite Bridor’s emphasis on innovation, the company always “stays true to tradition.” Bridor’s recipes feature local ingredients with no preservatives, artificial colouring or flavours. The company also offers a selection of organic breads made with homemade yeast. The Boucherville plant expansion will serve to broaden Bridor’s range of products while keeping in line with the breadmaker’s longstanding values.

Upon completion of the expansion project, Bridor will have created nearly 60 new jobs. The initiative is part of a five-year global investment of €400 million conceived by Le Duff. The large sum is dedicated to expanding industrial operations in North America as well as France. More projects are currently in the works and will be announced in the coming years.

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