A&W Canada Elevates Partnership with the Toronto Blue Jays

Blue Jays' Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in dugout bench

TORONTO — A&W Canada has introduced its newest promotion, Blue Jays Win, You Win, to celebrate Blue Jays wins this season with a free offer on its app. During the 2024 MLB season, after every Blue Jays win, an exclusive one-day offer will be available the next day.

“We had so much fun working with Vlad Guerrero Jr. and his dad, Vlad Guerrero Sr. on the Ringer Burger last year,” says Amanda Wang, director of Marketing at A&W. “We’re so excited to partner with Vladdy again to promote our season-long Blue Jays Win, You Win promotion.”

“We’re excited to elevate our partnership with A&W to celebrate wins with Blue Jays fans across the country,” says David O’Reilly, director, Corporate Partnerships, Toronto Blue Jays. “The Blue Jays Win, You Win program is a fantastic example of collaboration between our two brands to enhance the Blue Jays fan experience. We’re thrilled to work with A&W to meet our objectives of creating memorable moments for Blue Jays fans and A&W customers from coast-to-coast-to-coast.”

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